Nuthe-Nieplitz Nature Park

Wilderness before the gates of Berlin? The Nuthe-Nieplitz Nature Park provides this, too. One of the largest wilderness areas in Brandenburg is being created on the site of the former military training area Jüterborg.

The Brandenburg Wilderness Foundation, established in 2000 by public and private benefactors in Potsdam, has bought 7,100 hectares (ca. 17,544 acres) here. Nature is no longer interfered with on the largest part of the area. Visitors exploring the nature park along the trails and in guided tours, immersing themselves in fragrant pine forests, seemingly Siberian and unending birch forests and heathland in bloom, experience how habitats dynamically change and develop. They witness forests growing and perishing, either through fire or decay, in the cycle of life. Wilderness, a goal with vision.